Encoders (angular transducers) are the devices designed to convert the angle of rotation of a rotating object (shaft) into electrical signals to determine its angle of rotation.

OPKON encoders (Turkey)

  • Magnetic linear encoders;
  • Optical rotary absolute encoders;
  • Magnetic rotary encoders;
  • Optical rotary incremental encoders;
  • Cable encoders.

FENAC encoders (Turkey)

  • Incremental rotary encoders;
  • Programmable rotary encoders;
  • Heavy duty rotary encoders;
  • Absolute rotary encoders;
  • Absolute bus encoders;
  • Feedback encoders;
  • Cable drum encoders;
  • Absolute analog rotary encoders;
  • Inductive encoders;
  • IO-Link encoders;
  • Measuring wheel (roller) encoders;
  • Off-axis bearingless encoders;
  • Axial bearingless encoders;
  • Mini encoders;
  • Manual encoders.

Encoders are divided into incremental and absolute that can achieve very high resolution. An incremental encoder generates a certain number of pulses per revolution. And absolute encoders allow you to know the current angle of rotation of the axis at any time including after power failure and recovery. And multiturn absolute encoders, in addition, also count and memorize the number of complete revolutions of the axis. Encoders are widely used in industrial process inspection, measuring devices, industrial robots, separation plotters, wood, glass, cement, marble, leather and textile processing equipment, waste treatment equipment, overhead cranes, packaging equipment, positioning and speed and coordinate control in a wide variety of areas including metalworking machines, lifting and packaging equipment, etc.

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