Laser scanners and lidars

VANJEE laser scanners, lidars

Safety laser scanners

  • WLR-718 safety laser scanner.

Measuring laser scanners

  • WLR-711 measuring laser scanner;
  • WLR-715 measuring laser scanner.

Lidars for AGV/mobile robots:

  • WLR-712 lidar for AGV/mobile robots;
  • WLR-716 lidar for AGV/mobile robots;
  • Lidars for autonomous vehicles;
  • WLR-713 lidar for autonomous vehicles;
  • WLR-720 lidar for autonomous vehicles;
  • WLR-732 lidar for autonomous vehicles;
  • WLR-736 lidar for autonomous vehicles.

SDKELI lidars

  • LSPD series safety laser scanner;
  • LSPD mini series mini safety laser mini-scanner;
  • KLM series laser radar (lidar);
  • LS2 series laser radar (lidar).

Safety laser scanners are used for noncontact monitoring of a freely programmable zone and are effective solutions to ensure safety during production. The scanners do not require to use additional reflectors, combine a receiver and transmitter in one housing and are lightweight and easy to use and install.

Laser scanners are used in mobile robotics to solve navigation tasks (self-propelled vehicles), determine the location and orientation of various objects.

Safety laser scanners are used in inspection systems, for example, as intrusion sensors, security barriers, etc.

Laser systems shall operate without failure under exposure of heat, cold, humidity, wind and sun. The laser scanners feature a rugged industrial housing and operate perfectly in the temperature range from -30°C to +50°C in security-related applications: ports, building perimeter monitoring, access security, collision avoidance in automated guided vehicles, conveyor belts systems and many others.

We provide technical support to select sensors according to the required specifications or similar items