Machine vision

Machine vision technology based on the image analysis allows to automate the routine mechanical operations performed by operators manually.

Machine vision systems such as smart cameras, machine vision cameras, code readers, video sensors, profilers help companies:

  • to improve quality by inspecting products down to the smallest detail;
  • to minimize production waste by identifying errors early in the process, before there is a need to reject thousands of product units;
  • to minimize the probability of production equipment failure through automated inspection of product parameters in terms of size, color, etc.;
  • to maximize throughput by identifying underperforming process components to unlock full operational potential.

Our company offers products made by Hikrobot (China), a world-renowned supplier of products and solutions that is a specialist in machine vision and mobile robots.

Focusing on the Internet of Things, smart logistics and manufacturing, Hikrobot creates an open ecosystem, provides services for industrial enterprises and logistics centers and is committed to continuously improving the smart manufacturing concept and directing this process development. By improving machine vision and hardware technology, the company offers perfect quality products to customers.

The product range includes: machine vision cameras, lenses, video sensors, smart cameras and relevant accessories. Through rigorous testing procedures for electromagnetic compatibility, safety and reliability, Hikrobot ensures that each of its products is highly accurate, efficient and environmentally friendly.

We provide technical support to select sensors according to the required specifications or similar items