NIRMECH RPC offers PULSE robots from the Russian manufacturer Rozum Robotics.

PULSE is a range of robotic arms for automating production processes and use in research, education and entertainment.

Robotic arms are perfect for automating repetitive tasks with minor process parameter changes such as packaging and warehousing, loading/unloading of CNC machines, sealant application, conveyor operation, preparing coffee and cocktails, etc.

PULSE has a modular design and six degrees of freedom. In practice, this means that you can automate 95% of all production tasks with PULSE.

The robot is equipped with a universal flange according to the international standard ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6. Thus, to repurpose the robot, just install any other gripping mechanism on PULSE to operate welding equipment, laser tools, video cameras, coffee equipment, etc.

The PULSE robotic arm is safe, does not require to install expensive protective guards and can be operated in direct contact with an operator.

PULSE robots can be programmed by a manual learning mode. The robot can be installed, configured and debugged quickly and easy, even by a user with no programming experience. And advanced users can use the API features for maximum control.

We provide technical support to select sensors according to the required specifications or similar items