NIRMECH RPC offers a wide range of protected industrial sensors from global manufacturers: Akusense, WTsensor, Opkon, Fenac for any industry and heavy duty conditions (IP rating up to IP69K, temperature from -40°C to +300°C, shock, vibration).

Akusense (China) products

  • Fiber optic sensors and cables;
  • Slot sensors;
  • Photoelectric sensors;
  • Laser sensors;
  • Inductive and capacitive sensors;
  • Distance sensors;
  • Magnetic sensors;
  • Contact sensors;
  • Ultrasonic sensors;
  • Vibration sensors and inclinometers;
  • Temperature sensors;
  • Accessories.

Sensotec products

  • Proximity magnetostrictive position sensors with digital and analogue output;
  • Linear displacement sensors, potentiometers.

WTsensor (China) products

  • Pressure sensors;
  • Pressure transducers;
  • Level sensors;
  • Temperature sensors.

We provide technical support to select sensors according to the required specifications or similar items