Trainings. Education

NIRMECH RPC offers training and education on industrial machine vision systems. We offer two-level training system.


Machine vision basics


  1. Image processing.
  2. Setting requirements for an image processing system.
  3. Resolution and sensor (array).
  4. Color or monochrome?
  5. Camera operation and image quality.
  6. Cameras: image standards and quality.
  7. Lighting systems.
  8. PC hardware.
  9. Software.


Machine vision system integration basics


  1. Multi-camera machine vision systems. Aspects and details.
  2. Integration of machine vision systems with conveyor lines.
  3. Integration of machine vision systems with robotic systems.
  4. Integration of machine vision systems into upper-level control systems (MES, ERP).

Training is conducted in the premises of the machine vision laboratory of NIRMECH RPC.

The training program can be adjusted to the customer requirements.

We provide technical support to select sensors according to the required specifications or similar items