About company

NIRMECH Research and Production Company is engaged in the development and implementation of industrial machine vision systems to solve the following range of common tasks:

  1. To detect faults in production line products
  2. To measure the product geometry
  3. To count and sort products according to one criterion:
    • fail/pass;
    • in tolerance/out of tolerance, etc.
    Or several criteria:
    • fail/rework/pass;
    • blue, green, red.
  4. To read the code information (1D and 2D codes)
  5. To recognize typewritten text


Our solutions are developed from problem discussion to turnkey system implementation.

We are waiting for your tasks!

Our company is also engaged in the selection and supply of components for industrial machine vision systems:

    • machine vision cameras
    • software and software design according to your requirements
    • industrial computers for machine vision systems
    • optical equipment (lenses, polarizers, adapters)
    • smart cameras
    • code readers
    • lights of various designs (lights may be developed according to your requirements)
    • proximity sensors (barrier, reflective, diffuse, fiber optic, etc.)
    • and relevant accessories: cables, brackets, protective covers


Kind regards and looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with
NIRMECH RPC OOO (Limited Liability Company)


Our company offers only high-quality and proven solutions.


We are always ready to make a profitable offer to our customers.

Prompt solutions

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Our employees have a long (more than 10 years in average) and successful experience in the development and implementation of machine vision systems and industrial automation systems in general.


We have many skills in industrial automation and know the specifics of most industries: automotive, electronics, machine-building, food, metallurgy, oil and gas.


Our company always offers solutions based on advanced technologies and equipment from the best domestic and global manufacturers.

Our core value is the reputation and trust of our clients