Code recognition system

The code recognition system (hereinafter referred to as CRS) is designed to read codes (1D and 2D codes) from TV electronic boards. The read codes are compared with those from the factory database linked to the TV model serial number. This operation allows to ensure the correct assembly of TV using electronic boards.

The inspection system consists of an industrial computer, control cabinet, three 20 MP machine vision cameras, two LED light modules and operator touch panel.

If any code read on the boards is missing or does not match, the CRS generates a digital signal to stop the line and remove the error cause.

All the read codes linked to the serial number are recorded in a report file that is generated automatically. CRS is also equipped with a health monitoring system for convenient and fast diagnostics.

The CRS series equipment has the following functions:

Read all common and standard 1D and 2D codes (UPC, EAN, Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Interleaved 2 to 5, Data Matrix, QR Code, MaxiCode, PDF417), etc.

Minimum readable code size: several millimeters to several centimeters. Maximum size is not limited.

Minimum coded product size: several millimeters to several centimeters. Maximum coded product size is not limited.

Reading speed: 5 to 10 codes per second.

Number of product sides for code reading: unlimited.

Implementation of various read code processing algorithms: for example, search among all read serial number codes using a given mask, etc.

The modular design allows to increase the number of reading sides in existing systems.

Electronic report documents may be created based on the results of reading codes in all known formats (txt, csv, xml, json and others).

With wide integrateability, our reading systems may be implemented in almost any production line taking into account the production specifics, both at the hardware and software levels (hardware integration into a conveyor system, software integration into SCADA, MES and WMS).

Graphical operator interface is developed taking into account customer requirements.